6 Mistakes Poker Beginners Make


Poker rules can be learned in a day, but mastering the strategies and the poker face can take years. Every most professional player tend to learn every day with every game they play. There are so many elements in the game that making decisions can sometimes become really tough. The smallest mistakes in your decisions can cost you a lot. It is better that you learn about these mistakes to avoid them when you play.


Avoid playing pre-flop

As a beginner in poker, it is suggested that you play safely and take your time around the games. This is the time to learn the game and not bluff at pre-flops. Pre-flop is when a player plays before seeing the first three cards on the table. It is as good as playing for luck and not allowing yourself to take advantage of the chances you can have. Make safe bets after the flop.

Avoid playing medium-strength hands

If your hand is not one of the best, it is safe to fold it and wait until you get a better hand. Do not rely on your medium-strength hand too much. Wait for the cards to open for as long as you can and raise only when you have a hand that can beat the probability of the number of players at the table that possibly can have a better hand than yours.

Stop acting quickly

One mistake that beginners make is taking quick actions. It is not because you may take the wrong decision at first. It is because when you start acting quickly, you are giving away your tell of having a good hand. Take your time and make your calls natural. Use the time you have to plan your move and make better decisions.

Stop playing at the first table

Do not start playing at the first table you find. Most of the time, you may not have the best chances at winning. Take your time to find a table where other players are the same level as you. You cannot expect to win at every table that you play at. A good table is where everyone else has lesser experience than you.

Keep emotions away

Emotions can become the reason for your downfall at poker. Poker players like to keep their heads clear and attach no emotions to their cars. Sometimes, you will have to fold pocket aces in order to avoid losing your money. Always make rational and calculative decisions with your hands and set realistic goals with your games.

Do not stay consistent

Learn to switch between your strategies whenever needed. Although using a single strategy throughout the game is good advice, switching it when needed is also important. Keep your options open whenever needed. Your opponents will always be observant of you during the games. You should never let them guess correctly about your strategy.


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